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Art in Ruins

Art in Ruins

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This interview – written by Art and Ruins for Frieze in 1994 but never printed until now – is part of I Wonder What the Silence Was About, a body of work by artist Eva Weinmayr speculating on the disappearance of the British art collective formed in 1984 by Hannah Vowles and Glyn Banks and active until the 1990s. Art in Ruins pioneered a practice based on communication and reflection on their role as artists within the (art) world; they were postmodern, anti-capitalist, anti-apartheid, pro-punk, pro-Marxist and dead set on making a lasting name for themselves. But after a decade of high visibility, they went quiet. In this interview, Vowles and Banks address the notion of ‘ruin’, the fickleness of the art world and the difficulty of articulating a coherent position within it. This publication also contains a complete bio- and bibliography.

Art in Ruins and Unknown Stranger, London 1994: 
An unpublished project for Frieze
Edited by Eva Weinmayr
Published with FormContent
21 x 29.7cm, 20 p., black and white
Published: 2010
ISBN 978-0-9562605-2-9
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