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Ellen Altfest: Painting Close-Up

Ellen Altfest: Painting Close-Up

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Bringing together a broad range of perspectives by art historians, critics and curators, Ellen Altfest: Painting Close-Up provides rare behind-the-scenes insight into the everyday processes behind her paintings. The artist’s own voice is prominent within the conversations and commentaries in this book, affording both a personal and historical view on her position in a customised lineage stretching from Jan van Eyck to Sylvia Sleigh, via Gustave Courbet and Edgar Degas.

With contributions from Eric Aho, Ellen Altfest, Morgan Falconer, Ridley Howard, David Humphrey, Dan Keane, Randy Kennedy, Linda Nochlin, Justin Paton, Barry Schwabsky, Sylvia Sleigh, Anthony Spira and Robert Storr.

Published with MK Gallery

Ellen Altfest: Painting Close-Up
Edited by Anthony Spira 
Paperback with flaps, 
13 x 20cm, 136 p., full colour plates section 
Published: April 2015
ISBN 978-0-9929039-1-6